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Our team of executives and operators have helped top companies with growth

Who Are We?

We are the pioneers of Growth as a Service (or GaaS). Our team of world class performance marketers, data analysts, creative strategists, and product managers help drive growth for brands like Shopify, Amazon, TransUnion, and Pantaya. Our unique approach to growth scaled Lyft from three U.S. markets to 100 U.S. markets in under three years, grew the mobile game Marvel Strike Force to $300 million per year in revenue, pushed Paramount to over $50 million in profitable ad spend, and 9x’d ROAS for Dun & Bradstreet’s ad campaigns in just 10 months.

Our team has decades of experience. We know that growth is not about hacks, individual contributors, or one-time fixes. It's about a methodical, cross-functional, process-driven approach. We understand what an effective growth function looks like across industries and business stages. We deliver, execute, and integrate time-tested frameworks to help our partners achieve predictable, compounding growth. 

As a partner of Apex, you won’t know where your team stops and our team starts. We achieve world-class growth by seamlessly integrating our in-house engineers, data analysts, designers, and marketers to be your in-house engineers, data analysts, designers, and marketers. We’ve found that true innovation and growth happens when we work together as one team and feel the same ownership and commitment to growing your business as you do. You get immediate access to our multidisciplinary approach to growth and proven $100M+ growth frameworks at the tips of your fingers, so you can stop guessing at what works and start executing a plan that’s proven to work.

But what works now might not work later. We know that. We’ve seen things shift first-hand. And we know how to deal with it. We continually adapt amidst the many twists and turns of the constant evolution of market conditions, consumer trends, and the advertising ecosystem evolution. We've seen many of these in the last couple of years such as iOS 14 leading to a loss of advertising signals, as well as a heavier reliance on creative testing and faster checkout and onboarding experiences. We believe the key to continued growth is efficient (and methodical) testing, innovation, and execution — as well as quick decision making and implementation to stay ahead of cultural trends, market conditions, and fierce competitors.

As your business grows, goes international, or enters new business lines, so do your growth needs. Work with Apex to test faster, learn faster, and grow faster, without sacrificing intention and quality. You’ll gain a partner who takes a seat at your table, seeks to understand your business, and cares about results. We are the only service provider who is committed to long-term growth, not just to solve your company’s immediate growth needs, but also to arm your organization with the resources to hire, train, and develop the A-players you need to scale your business for future ongoing success.

Each of our partner’s stories are exciting, thrilling, and full of previously unrecognized growth potential. Work with us to write your own remarkable story.

What We Do

Customer Acquisition

Our team brings decades of cross-channel marketing expertise to help drive user acquisition and revenue growth for your business. We’ve managed hundreds of millions of dollars a year in ad spend for businesses of all sizes across eCommerce, Tech, Finance, Travel, and Gaming.

Conversion Rate Optimization

We believe that what happens after the click is just as important as what drives the click. Continually testing user experience is a core part of our process, and our design build CRO services will identify and implement the most effective funnels for your business.

Creative Strategy & Testing

Good marketing with bad ad creative is still bad. Our creative process starts with making content that your target market would happily consume (whether it was in an ad or not). Combined with always-on creative testing and production cycles, we’ll help you prevent ad fatigue and keep an optimal mix of creative assets in market.

Executive Consulting

The foundation of a strong growth function is strong leadership.  help you build and lead your own in-house growth team by giving you coaching, frameworks, and playbooks that have been used by companies like Airbnb, Disney, and Amazon.

Growth Talent Acquisition

Butts in seats is one thing. The right butts in the right seats is quite another. We have decades of experience hiring top talent for enterprise brands and we’ve refined our recruiting system to attract and hire top growth talent. You’re not just getting complete access to our top-notch team, you’re getting the resources and tools to build your own.

Advanced Marketing Stack

Growth teams are only as good as their growth infrastructure. Our team ensures that you have access to the right data architecture, tooling, reporting, and workflow automation that you need to be successful. Instead of stitching together a picture of your media mix and trying to work with data blind spots, our team will design and build an advanced attribution stack that puts all of your marketing and customer data in one place.

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