Measurement & Attribution

Behind every successful growth team is a world-class data and measurement infrastructure that improves decision making. Apex design-builds an advanced attribution stack tailored for your business, putting all of your marketing and customer data in one place for cross-functional accessibility and powerful data visualization.

Next-Gen Attribution

The increasingly complex and privacy-first advertising landscape demands modern and innovative attribution technology. That’s what we provide: next-gen attribution that will work now and for years to come.

Enterprise-Level Solutions

We design and build sophisticated measurement solutions that service the most complex business models and media mixes. With Apex, you get an advanced attribution stack tailored for your business that can scale with you as you grow.

Fraud Prevention

End-to-end media attribution joined with your customer data platforms will give you unparalleled insight into your business. You’ll be able to track and validate every aspect of your growth investments.

Infrastructure Design

Our team at Apex has designed data infrastructures that fit businesses of all types and sizes. No business is exactly the same, so we tailor the design of each data stack to our client’s specific technical requirements and business needs.

Data Engineering

With Apex, engineering resources will never be a bottleneck to building a world-class attribution stack. You’ll work with expert engineers to build and integrate the solutions that your business needs. Not only are our engineers experts in solving highly technical problems, but they also understand how to build systems that are accessible to non-technical teams.

Automation Systems

Effective automation starts with a well-structured, sophisticated data stack. Leverage Apex’s workflow automation expertise to scale your growth program and get more leverage out of your team.

Reporting & Tooling

At Apex, we help our partners deploy data and measurement tooling so all team members can easily access the data they need. With an attribution stack designed specifically for your growth program, data and reporting availability is prioritized to allow everyone to make data-driven decisions and accelerate growth.

We've helped businesses in every stage of their growth trajectory.