About Our Founders

Apex was founded by David Mausolf (ex-Disney and ex-Lyft) and Dave Riggs (ex-Experian) in order to build a different kind of growth agency. They did just that with Apex by hiring the best talent and focusing on results. Apex is uniquely positioned to solve your most complex growth challenges. Our team understands how to build for growth excellence at every stage of your business.

Leadership Team

Our leadership team has a successful track record growing world-class organization. When you partner with Apex, our team becomes part of your team. You get full access to their deep expertise, proven systems, and boundless passion for helping you grow.

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Dave Riggs


David Mausolf

Ex-Lyft | Ex-Disney

Allen Wu

President, Apex Growth Method
Ex-Amazon | Ex-Microsoft

Maggie Valiunas

VP of Creative Strategy

Elissa Larabee

Head of Operations

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